Saturday, April 15, 2017

Be Inspired to Drink More Water with an Elegant Tumbler

Made in the U.S.A., these gorgeous, sturdy double-walled, insulated tumblers keep things cold and ice-cubes intact for hours. The lids fit securely, open-and-close aperture keeps a *straw in-place. You can easily attach a handle, like I sometimes do. Here is the sturdy pink handle I use:                                               
People are absolutely wild about Tervis, and I hear they have a store in Vegas on the Boulevard. 

Tervis cups or tumblers are guaranteed for life. They don't get scratched like other double-walled glasses, and if you drop them on the floor, the layers and rims don't crack. Drinking from Tervis is a smooth, elegant experience, one that will guarantee you get your daily dose of H20.
~~M-J de M., 2017

*Theese are the Proper Straws for Any Size Tervis Tumbler--We Use Them Every Day, 500 of Them Last Many Months; These Beautiful Straws Come in So Many Colors, You'll Find Several to Go with Your Treasured Cups